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5 snacks to enjoy at night without getting fat (chocolate is one of them)


5 snacks to enjoy at night without getting fat (chocolate is one of them)


Do you want to lose weight or keep it? You do not need to start a restrictive diet or eliminate the foods that you like. In addition to moderation, one of the keys to taking care of the line without suffering is knowing when to eat what. We work, exercise, or simply move and that’s why breakfast can consist of scrambled eggs with bacon (although not every day). However, the night is another story. Eating more before going to sleep gives your body more calories than it can burn. Also, certain foods can bring you trouble falling asleep. Here you can see some of the recommended snacks to eat at night to take care of your health and your sleep.

1. Bitter chocolateMany people believe that chocolate is a “forbidden food”, but bitter can be a sweet ally for when you have a nighttime craving.

2. Unlike those who have milk, bitter chocolate lacks so much added sugar, is loaded with antioxidants, can lower blood pressure and improve your mood, because it can also raise serotonin naturally.

Nuts are excellent foods for the night, since they make you feel satisfied longer and are full of vitamins. Pistachios are a favorite of many and are loaded with fiber, biotin, vitamin B6, among others. Also, since they are difficult to open, you are likely to eat slower and in less quantity before you feel satisfied.

3. Pumpkin seeds

It is one of the best foods before bed for three reasons: they are rich, healthy and help you sleep. A handful of pumpkin seeds contains half the recommended daily magnesium. The mineral, among other effects, helps to relax and can be an ally to fall asleep.

4. Frozen cranberries

If you want something sweet and fresh there is nothing better than frozen blueberries. They have many antioxidants and, if you are hungry, you can mix it with Greek yogurt to have a healthy and delicious snack.

5. Apple with peanut butter

Apple and peanut butter? Believe it or not, it’s an amazing and healthy combination. The apple has a lot of fiber, while the butter is loaded with proteins: together they make a snack capable of leaving you satisfied without eating too much. You can eat whatever you want in moderation, but to sleep well it is recommended that you avoid spicy foods, caffeine and excess sugar.



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