After losing 42 kg, this girl explains how she did to lose weight (no remedies!)

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After losing 42 kg, this girl explains how she did to lose weight (no remedies!)

The daughter of the actress brasielra, Belén Fafa, talked about the diet that made her lose 42 kilos and drastically change her body. He also denied the rumors of plastic surgery to lose weight. How do i do it? How did you lose weight?There are people who question my weight loss. They deduce that I am taking remedies, that I got lipo or other treatments. I should already be used to it, but I really do not understand », wrote Mariana Belén, who lost 18 kg in three months, and now also shows other results of her process.The 38-year-old singer and actress said that she was not irresponsible when she lost weight, because she did it in a healthy way and to enjoy good health for a longer time and, thus, enjoy her two daughters. The only medication he takes is for cholesterol control, according to his social network.   “From the photos you can see that I am not too thin, My thighs and my arms did not disappear,” he said after receiving criticism. From 103 kg to 61 kg The daughter of Belén Fafa affirmed that the pregnancy of her daughter Julia, 2 years and 2 months ago, made her reach 103 kilos. Breastfeeding helped her to reach 92 kilos. Subsequently, he followed the Ravenna diet, with which he could reach 70 kilos. «I lost weight in 2 years, and not in a few days. A month and a half ago I changed doctors because I needed to investigate more things in my health, like my hormones and my cholesterol, “he added. Keep reading: «Meghan Markle follows this diet during the week (and on weekends there are several tastes)» Mariana said she takes vitamins and does some cosmetic treatments when she has time. In two he reached 61 kilos following the diet and practicing dance.  The method allows the consumption of all types of food, but tries to limit or eliminate foods with flour and refined sugar. The great difference of Ravenna is that, in addition to the nutritional accompaniment, the person receives guidance from a physical educator, a psychologist and participates in therapeutic groups, in order to create a true food reeducation that is able to eliminate up to 7% of the weight per month.

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