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Alok Bhartia: 10 travel hacks that will save a wayfarer’s skin


Travelling is supposed to be fun. But when you run out of batteries on your phone or lose your passports, it can turn into a nightmare that even Freddy Krueger can’t handle. Yet, small trivial hacks that are easy to implement, can prove to be a silver bullet to most of your problems. Veteran travel blogger Alok Bhartia suggests 10 simple travel hacks that will keep you out of trouble.Keep a scan of your passportIt’s wise to keep a scan of your passport and email the same to yourself. Keep the scan on your smartphone too. In case you lose your passport, the digital copy of your passport can save you from trouble. Don’t miss this hack.Gotta roll ‘em all Roll your clothes when packing your bags. It saves space and does not allow the sides to crease. Pack lightUnless you’re going on a trek, avoid clothes that are heavy on the fabric. Puffy jackets and thick pullovers will take up a lot of space in your rucksack.Freeze your batteriesIt’s a bizarre travel hack, but according to Alok Bhartia, it works! Freezing your rechargeable batteries helps them with extra juice and they run your devices longer. Rechargeable batteries keep 90% of their full potential and work longer when you chuck them in the freezer.Portable phone charger saves Sure, freezing helps save battery juice, but if you play too much of ‘Clash of Clans’ on your phone then it’s better to bring a portable phone charger along. Keep it fully charged before and close to you in your personal bag.Trick the baggage handlersWe’ve seen videos of baggage handlers being lousy hats with bags when they throw them around in the storage area. You can stop that behaviour if you put a ‘fragile’ sticker on your baggage. That will give the handlers some sense to treat your bag with respect because of its ‘fragile’ contents. In addition to the above, your bag will be at the top of the pile, hence you’ll be the first to receive your bag.Work your legs to rid of the lagApparently going on a jog can help you get rid of the jet lag. Working your body confuses your biological clock. A 20-minute jog can do the trickFool the ticket vendorsWhen browsing tickets online, ensure you’re on a ‘Private Browsing’ session that does not eye your cookies. Ticket vendors track for flights you have searched before through your cookies and increase the prices of similar flights, prompting you to pay more than you normally would.Avoid water woesIt is better to bring your own water to the airport if you want to avoid buying costly water bottles at the airport. The catch is to empty the water bottle before checking and filling it again after the process.Use local eateries Alok Bhartia suggests that it’s better to eat cheap at a local restaurant and enjoy the regional flavours. High-end ‘international’ hotels/restaurants will probably rob you of the local tastes and cost a lot. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!


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