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Best schools in Ajman can change your child’s future


Best schools in Ajman can change your child’s future

Education is important to shape the career and life of your children. Education starts from school and schooling is the foundation of your child’s learning phase and thus a best school can contribute a lot to your child’s future.

If you are staying in Ajman and still hunting for the best school in Ajman then you will find many best schools here for your child. When you consider one of the best schools in Ajman you are rest assured that your child is going to get the best in his/her schooling life. The students in the schools are encouraged to become confident and independent individuals. They are trained to learn different aspects of life and become good citizens to serve their country.

The best schools in Ajman meet the international standards of education. Apart from the academic curriculum students are encouraged to take part in various activities related to sports, arts etc. The school works towards the overall development of the children so that they excel in all spheres of life.



A lot of schools in Ajman are accredited to CBSE curriculum. The school also prepare the students for All India Secondary School Examination when they reach Grade 10 and all Grade 12 students are prepared for All India Senior School Certificate Examination which is carried out by CBSE.

The medium of education is English. In order to abide the MOE regulations, UAE Arabic and Islamic subjects are also taught in the school.


When your child starts with kindergarten it is his/her initial stages of learning. The first step towards learning is well taken care of in Ajman schools. The teachers and the school staff understand that the children need motivation to learn new things each day.

The teachers create a friendly environment for the tiny tots to learn numbers, alphabets, etc. The teachers help them understand the new concepts through images and they try to develop their interest in learning.


Once the children cross the pre-primary stage in school they are ready for the primary years wherein they develop different learning abilities independently. They learn numeracy, science, literacy etc. They are given creative opportunities to show their talent and they are also encouraged to learn practically as well as theoretically.


Middle School

Middle school is the phase where the children are prepared to face the sophisticated academic curriculum of secondary & senior secondary classes. The students are motivated to work on more challenging projects that help them develop their logical and analytical thinking.

The teachers ensure that the children aren’t over burdened with the change in the studies.  They are encouraged to participate in various extra-curricular competitions that create a collective learning environment.


School Facilities

There are a number of school facilities available to care for the students’ right from kindergarten uptil Grade 12.

School Library

The school library consists of various books that include newspapers, reference books, fiction and non-fiction books. Children can access books from the school library to increase their knowledge.

School Canteen

The school canteen provides healthy snacks to the children so that they eat healthy. The school provides breakfast facility to the parents who wish to get it from school.

Sports Facilities

The school gives top priority to overall physical fitness. The various sports for which the school offers training are football, volleyball and tennis etc.

Science Labs

To meet the needs of secondary as well as senior secondary students, well equipped science labs are available for biology, chemistry and physics subjects.

ICT based – Teaching and Learning

As technology is growing and the children are exposed to information and technology right after they enter the school. Looking at the benefits of technology the schools are adopting the way of teaching through ICT wherein teachers use projectors in the classrooms to teach children online.

Even children get access to the internet in ICT labs so that they can explore their knowledge through technology as well.


When it comes to schools in Ajman you don’t have to worry about the future of your children. The schools not only help children learn theoretically but also help them learn things practically. Many schools here also encourage children to plant trees to know about saving the environment. Apart from the academic curriculum children also get to participate in various other activities like music, art, sports etc. The schools also care for the security of the children at school and in school buses and thus they have cameras installed everywhere in the school and the bus.


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