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Dating a creative person can be both the best and worst experience ever. Here are some reasons why.


Creative individuals are an interesting bunch to deal with. Sure, everyone is creative on some level, but individuals who have the opportunity to work in creative-oriented fields are truly something else when it comes to dating.

What you expect with them will almost never be the reality – for better or worse. They will surpass your expectations sometimes, and will irritate you with their approach in others; they can write poems about you or treat you as their personal muse, make songs and draw sketches of you; they can make you feel as though no one else will ever love you in the same way.

However, the flip side is also true, and they can be some of the most difficult people you will ever deal with in your lifetime. It can be even more challenging to maintain a happy and satisfying relationship with them, and here are some reasons why.

The tendency to idealize love, instead of living love

Even the relationships that look as exciting and loving as anything else you have ever seen have downturns, and this is not different for anyone. The nitty-gritty of life are mundane at best, yet this is most of the relationship.

The problem with many creative individuals is their idealistic personalities and thinking, and the mundane nature of everyday life is discouraging for them; they even dislike it. They refuse to believe that a relationship will not always be exciting and perfect, and this may lead to them quitting the relationship a few months or years down the line – patience is truly a virtue in this case.

Creative people may not look like they are interested, yet they are

Because the mind of a creative is always busy and curious, they can look a little distracted sometimes – even when they do not mean it. This may be like a drug addict who is uninterested in going to a MS drug and alcohol resources.

Sometimes that will extend to relationships, and you may desire other things that do not relate to a relationship. Another person may interpret your distraction as lack of interest – and they walk away, even when they should not.

Frequent walking away from the right people and instead committing to the wrong people

The tendency to find a muse in the person you are dating will not always imply that you will end up in the best relationships. If you do not believe this, look at the histories of famous creatives – most of the relationships that ended up being the most fulfilling in terms of creative output, were simultaneously the worst for them.

Of course this rule will not apply to every creative out there, but the tendency of hanging out with people who are bad for them is real.

Emotional beings

Many creative people have deep thoughts, and for them this is the source of their creative work through self-introspection. That expression of their thoughts and feelings always leads to self-healing, and this may put a logically-oriented person off in some circumstances.

Many creatives (not all, of course) you meet will have that common streak of inner turmoil, and this fuels their work to be the best it can be. The more you get to know them, the more you will see this showing up from time to time, and it can even infiltrate your relationship itself, so be ready to handle those feels when they occur.

The need for alone time

In a world of extroverts and people constantly wanting to know how you are doing, creatives are truly strange. At first, it may come off as them wanting to be away from you, and many people can interpret this wrongly as a lack of interest.

However, it is important to note that this is a basic need for them, and it has nothing to do with you or your character. It is definitely not easy for someone to get used to, but it has its advantages as well – it can result in healthier amounts of space for both of you and benefits everyone involved.

Anyone or anything that stays stagnant is a threat – even a relationship


This fact alone can drive a creative away from a relationship, and lead to the avoidance of relationships in general. It is not often that you will see a creative committing to a relationship, unless they are convinced that this person is The One.

However, finding this special person is not an easy process, and very few people know or sense it right away. If a creative does not see you being that, they will not make much time for you anyway, instead devoting themselves to their work (a side effect of being idealists).

The creative person is more motivated by their creative work more than their relationship

When dealing with a creative, keep in mind that you are not the sole priority in their lives, as much as they love you. That fact is completely understandable, but it can be discouraging and off-putting to some – especially when they seem more excited to talk about their latest project instead of meeting you for a date.

It is not that they love you less, simply that accomplishing things in their work can be more exciting, and that is okay and human.

They can be some of the most dramatic and secretive people you have met

Creatives can feel and see things bigger than most people. That is the same aspect that makes them good at expressing those sentiments in their work, but it also makes dealing with them a pain sometimes – they can tend to over dramatize everything.

It might be a small issue or a non-existent one at best, but as long as they feel annoyed or happy about it, you will definitely know at some point.

However, at the same time, they can be some of the most sensitive and guarded people you have ever met, and they will not reveal their sentiments about issues until you are close with them.

Final thoughts

Dating a creative person is a steep learning curve, and many people give up on them because of how intense it can be. However, when you are willing to be patient and stick it out to the end, you will be rewarded with a love that is unlike any other, and that makes the hurdles worth it.


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