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Dermatologists do not use these products on their skin and they do not want you to use them either


Those who know best skin care decided to abandon certain products that can be harmful to the skin of the face. Perhaps, for other areas of the body they work (for example, the shampoo is perfect for the hair, but not for the skin, however, many people use it). These are the products that dermatologists do not want you to use on your face and in your daily beauty and health routine.

1. Hard facial scrubs

The exfoliation of the face with hard products “can cause irritation and dryness (especially in the colder months)” explained Tribeca Park, dermatologist, to Prevention.
As a substitute, you can use mild exfoliants that do not irritate the skin.

Hard facial scrubs

2. Shampoo

“The shampoo was designed to care for and clean the hair, not the skin,” explains Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic research. These products are very hard on the skin and can cause irritation and inflammation.

3. Aromatic soaps

Aromatic soaps can be very delicious in their aroma, but the truth is that “stresses the skin,” said Ellen Marmur, clinical professor. These soaps “remove essential nutrients from the skin and can reduce the elasticity of the skin”. To replace it you can use a neutral soap without fragrance and hypoallergenic. Keep reading: «Kit with 4 products that those who have inflammatory acne should have. Medical recommends brands

Products with alcohol

4. Products with alcohol
These products irritate and dry the skin. They can also aggravate rosacea and acne, according to Gervaise Gerstner, a dermatologist.

5. Depilatory creams

The professionals know what kind of creams are good for the skin and, in addition, they know the movements that must be done so as not to hurt the skin. “Depilatory creams can cause second-degree burns,” Gerstner explained.

6. Permanent fillings

Products with added fragrances

“Permanent fillings are made of non-biodegradable materials and are artificial. The complication may be permanent, “said dermatologist Debra Jaliman. In case you want to improve the skin marks (and do not find a solution with other treatments), the dermatologist advises to fill with hyaluronic acid that can dissolve if a problem occurs.

7. Products

with added fragrances Like soaps with aromas, all products that have fragrances can generate sprouts and irritate the skin, according to Helen M. Torok. Do you use these products? Dermatologists do not, and advise you not to use them either. Everything to take care of the skin and have a smooth and healthy face.


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