Flat abdomen: 5 foods to deflate

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Flat abdomen: 5 foods to deflate

When you feel bloated it is important to make a change in your diet. Inflammation can be the cause of the food you are following and it is important to make a permanent change in your diet. But you can fight it with these foods.


  1. Peppers



Peppers have antioxidants and, in turn, reduce inflammation.


  1. Pears


Not only promote the feeling of fullness, but also help fight inflammation to be rich in fiber.


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  1. Spinach


This food gives you energy, fights inflammation and gives you many nutrients.


  1. Black tea

Black tea

Its antioxidants will allow you to feel full and leave behind the inflammation.


  1. Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds

Its large amount of antioxidants helps fight cholesterol and blood pressure, according to Health. And combat the inflammation of the body

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