Search Engine Optimization and its Types

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process to create more traffic to a website with the help of specialized techniques. Some websites have a better ranking than the other, why is it that certain website ranks higher than the other. It is because of the powerful web marketing tool Search Engine Optimization.  How the Search Engine works is a bit mind-numbing task. Search engines are far from intelligence and is mainly dependent on text rather than design, images or videos. In short, we can say search engines are text driven.seo optimization

Search Engine Optimization and its Types

Keywords play the major role in good Search Engine Optimization. Selecting the right keyword is the primary task and is done with the help of proper research and there are even some online tools to analyses the keywords. A two or more word keywords are better than a single word, which is the long tail keyword. Example: The website that requires SEO is about Engineering colleges in India like Vivekananda Global University it’s better to choose specific and rarely used more worded keywords like “Vivekananda Global University fees”, “Vivekananda global university Jaipur placement”, and other long tail keywords too.  And also those who want to do masters in Digital Marketing can get admission in IIS University. Now Coming to SEO, Search Engine Optimization is of two types White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO denotes to the use of methods and plans that aim a human. Techniques that are typically used in white hat SEO include using keywords, meta tags, backlinking, link building and writing quality contents for human readers. White Hat SEO is a more time investing technique, gradual, steady but the outcomes too will last more.

Black Hat SEO

Blackhat SEO mentions to techniques and tactics used to get upper search rankings, by violating rules of search engine. Blackhat SEO is only focused on search engines and is not oriented towards human audience. Blackhat SEO is typically focused on quick results, rather than a long-term investment on the website which needed to be Search Engine Optimized. There are various techniques employed in black hat SEO which are: stuffing of keywords, farming the links, texts and link which are hidden, and spamming of blog contents. Employing Black Hat Search Engine Optimization has its own consequences, since it employs unethical techniques there is a high chance of getting your website banned from the search engine and spiders de-indexing as a penalty for trying out unethical methods.Backlink is another factor that is important in Search Engine Optimization. Backlinks are inbound links which enables user to come from an external website to yours. More the number of backlinks to your website the better. More number of backlinks indicates that your website is more credible and relevant than the others in their result pages for a search.Finally, the main attention should be given to contents. Since the traffic building is intended for humans, it is necessary to create quality contents in the most engaging tone for the audience. If the contents are feeble and is only intended to create traffic, the rating won’t be constant and will fluctuate over time. So, Keywords, Backlinks, Meta tags and quality content together builds a good Search Engine Optimization technique. SEO MISTAKES AVOID COSTS

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