Silly SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All costs

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Silly SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All costsSEO is the buzzword these days, and there is simply no denying this. But to get the desired results, SEO should be done right. Although there are many seo services in surat and other parts of India, not every company has the required skills to make a website optimised for search engines in the best possible manner. And that is why; you should choose your service provider carefully. A good service provider doesn’t make silly SEO mistakes, especially the ones listed below. So, find out what silly SEO mistakes are often made by SEO firms and business owners-

  1. The first and most glaring mistake people often make is stuffing the content in their website with a large number of keywords. Here, it would be valuable for you to know that overstuffing your content with keywords makes your content less readable. And sometimes it can also make it look irrelevant, and grammatically poor. Now, such contents are often penalised by search engines such as Google. That is why, it’s best to keep the number of keywords proportional to the length of the content in which they are used.
  2. A lot of people use keywords in their content just for the sake of using them. There came a time, when people used to stuff popular keywords into their content without even realising that the keywords used don’t even belong to the subject on which the content has been written. There is no bad SEO practice than this. This doesn’t just make your website subject to penalty, but also make it look stupid in front of your audience.
  3. The third mistake is to use keywords that have not been sufficiently targeted. Now, what does this mean? Well, if you are selling cakes in Surat, you won’t certainly want a visitor from New York to visit your site, because you know he is not coming all the way from New York to Surat just to taste your cake. So, you should target your content for visitors located in Surat or nearby places, and should use keywords accordingly. Maintaining specificity while creating and using keywords is of the utmost importance to attract a well-targeted audience towards your business website.
  4. Remember, SEO is not only about content and keywords; it takes other things into its stride too. For instance, if your site is not mobile friendly, then Google senses it right away, because of which it might push you down the results page. If you don’t want this to happen, you must try to offer a smooth mobile experience to your audience, which will definitely make your website more relevant for the present-day context, when people are more active on their mobile phones than on their desktops.

SEO is a popular as well as a risky game. It gives you amazing benefits as long as it’s done right. The moment you observe a little laxity and your SEO efforts get loosened, the results simply go haywire. And that is why experts say, the mistakes mentioned above should be avoided at all costs, if a business owner wants to achieve success in the industry where his business operates.Social bookmarking sites

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