To wash of more, to urinate little and other little known causes of the urinary infection

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Urinary infection is very common among women and if it is repeated frequently, it may mean something about your health. Knowing the symptoms is key to avoid it and thus prevent future medical complications.

Urinary infection: what exactly is it?

As explained by the Spanish Society of Nephrology, is an infection that occurs in the structure of the urinary system, usually caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that enter from the urethra and reach the bladder, women being the ones who have more possibilities of contract it, because the urethra and anus are much closer in the female body than in the male.

The infection develops most often in the bladder, and is usually painful and annoying. It can spread to the kidneys and become a serious health problem.

If you suffer recurrent urinary infection, you may want to say 7 things about your health:

1. Bad hygiene:

the urinary infection is mainly caused by the spread of bacteria, which is why you should try to clean the genital and anal area well after you do your needs. If you are a woman, always try to clean from the inside out and not the other way around.

2. Excess hygiene: washing too often with non-neutral products in the vaginal area, can make it more sensitive to certain bacteria and organisms, causing infection.

3. Drink little water: for the urinary system to work properly you have to drink water to eliminate all the toxins that are generated in our body. If you do not drink the recommended 2 liters per day, it will be easier for you to get an infection.

4. Do not urinate frequently or after sexual intercourse: on the one hand, bacterial growth is greater the longer the urine remains in the bladder. On the other, intercourse increases the chances of bacteria passing into the urethra, and urination favors their elimination, so you already know: urine!

5. Stones in the kidney or bladder: urinary infection can be a sign of the stones.

6. Diabetes: urinary infection is common in patients with this disease.

7. Low defenses: with the immune system weakened, the body is more susceptible to infections and / or viruses.

Symptoms of urinary infectionAccording to the medical site MD Saude, these are the signs to which you should pay attention.

Constant need to urinateBurning sensation when urinatingRedness of the vulva and vaginal itching (in women)Pain during urination and sexual intercourseUrinate frequently and in small amountsUrine red, bright pink or brown (blood in the urine)Urine with strong odorPelvic pain in womenFeverNausea and vomitingThe treatment to fight the urinary tract infection is determined by your doctor because of your symptoms, the laboratory results. According to Mayo Clinic explains it is done through antibiotics if they are caused by bacteria, or antivirals if they are caused by viruses. In most cases, the infection disappears after 24 to 48 hours of treatment, but if the infection is renal, it may take a full week to cure it.

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