What is infectious cellulitis and how to know if you have it?

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Cellulite is one of the problems that bother women, despite having it is the most normal. However, there is a type of cellulitis called infectious, which should worry us. No, for an aesthetic or superficial issue but to take care of our own health. Infectious cellulitis:

what is it? \This condition has nothing to do with the cellulite we know and which manifests itself as “orange peel”. According to Mayo Clinic, this type of infection that begins in a specific part of the skin, may end up spreading throughout the body. Often, the legs and feet are usually the most prone to suffer from infectious cellulitis, although it can also appear on the face or arms. infectious cellulitis

It is produced by the entrance to the organism of a bacterial agent that begins affecting several layers of the skin and could even reach the lymph nodes and the bloodstream

The bacteria is spread when we are in contact with a person who carries the disease and enters the body through injuries or injuries. Symptoms of infectious cellulitis There are all kinds of manifestations indicative of the presence of this type of infection. However, the main symptoms and to which you should pay special attention are the following: Reddish area of ​​skin that tends to expand Swelling Sensitivity Fever and chills Red spots and rash Blisters Swollen lymph nodes Heat in the affected area scarlet fever scarlet How to prevent infectious cellulitis? Mayo Clinic, explains that you must take care of all your hands and feet of possible cuts or injuries. Wash them frequently and cut the nails carefully. If the pain is too strong, you should go urgently to a doctor to specify a treatment that prevents the spread of infectious cellulitis in the rest of the body and so that the picture is not more serious.

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