Your dentist can detect these 7 health problems just by looking at your mouth

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While not consulting a dentist to detect other problems of your health, it is true that a dentist, in his daily task, can discover some complications just by looking at the mouth and see atypical behaviors. «The body is connected. There are many things you can see in the mouth that can lead us to believe that there is something more in the body, “said Sally Cram, member of the American Dental Association, a Health. What can your dentist detect just by looking at your mouth?

  1. Diabetes Diabetes reverberates throughout the body and, also, in the mouth. When you breathe through your mouth, the aroma may be a little different because of the effort your body is making in burning fat instead of sugar for energy, according to Health. In addition, diabetes can also manifest itself with inflammations in the mouth, sensitive and bloody gums, cold sores or fungal infection.

2. Gastroesophageal reflux

This reflux generates great discomfort in the stomach, as well as pain in the chest, but also generates bad breath, canker sores and dryness.

  1. Cancer Through inflammations, bulges and atypical red or white spots, a dentist can alert of possible cancer in the neck, mouth and throat.
  2. Osteoporosis

This disease can affect the bones of the jaw and the dentist can detect it. A dental x-ray can detect it quickly. Keep reading: «Lunar: what they are, what types exist and how we can take care of them, according to dermatologist»

  1. HIV AIDS causes some complications in the mouth: infection, dryness, constant herpes, gums, warts, among other signs.
  2. Celiac

If you still have not detected the disease and you continue to eat gluten, your mouth may be damaged and the dentist may detect it: less enamel on the teeth, a burning sensation or dry tongue and canker sores may be signs.

  1. Kidney diseases When there is a problem in the kidney, the breath of your mouth can alert you, for example if it has a sweet smell. In addition, dryness can also be a sign of chronic kidney disease.

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